Baron Consulting Group was established in 1997. Since then, we have been providing our credible and high-quality services to business from various industries. The success of our clients is our business.

At Baron Consulting Group, we believe in providing cross-functional consultation and support for your business.  We provide IT personnel training, recruitment, business analysis and consultation, and various other services tailored to your business requirements. CONTACT US today to know more.

Baron Consulting Group prides itself on its reach in different locations across the globe. We currently operate in Australia, China, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Contact us to arrange an obligation-free, cost-free first session to discuss your needs and requirements.  In that session, we will work with you to develop understanding of your ideas and projected outcomes. Once we gain full understanding of your requirements, an indicative price will also be provided along with a summary proposal. Based on this proposal, we can put together the final Service Level Agreement (SLA)! CONTACT US now to get started.

Our pricing is always developed in consultation with our clients. The initial meeting is always free and we won’t charge you for any project discussions. Furthermore, Baron Consulting takes pride in ensuring that we never charge our clients above the current market rate! Pricing, payment, and delivery arrangements are always negotiable and based on specific requirements and preferences of our clients.

We have been in business since 1997 and have extensive experience in managing a wide range of IT and Business Projects. All of our consultants are fully certified (relevant Postgraduate degrees + professional certifications where applicable) as well as having outstanding, technical, business and communication skills.

All of our projects are ALWAYS TAILORED TO THE CLIENTS NEEDS! Our moto   ‘’Your Success is our Business’’ says it all! The very reason we are in business – is to help your business grow!

We certainly do! A significant share of our project currently comes from Singapore, New Zealand and China…and we are happy to work with clients worldwide! In the digital age, distance is no barrier to collaborative work. Furthermore, we are happy to travel when required!

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